Transform and brand your Gear Up, PBIS, STEM, Character education and other messaging programs by creating bold, professional, eye-catching visuals that deliver positive outcomes & powerful messages where students need it most.

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Wall of Achievement ™

Start a new tradition at your high school that will last throughout the school year. Proudly recognize each senior class member accepted to college and military service…

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Branding in Action

At Katella High School, excellence and tradition are two common themes shared by the students, faculty, staff and community. To create and reinforce positive perceptions in the local community, principal Ben Carpenter provided students (employed part-time) colorful placards for their employer to display at each location.

Carpenter also invited local businesses to simply display a Katella Support placard for customers to see. Employers and Local businesses where delighted to show their support for Katella High school and for Katella students.